The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth as a Teen

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The importance of taking care of your teeth as a teen cannot be overstated. During your teen years, the last of your permanent set, the molars, grow in. With your full adult set in place, it becomes a daily routine to keep your teeth strong so they can hopefully last you for many more decades to come. Although teeth do weaken over time, your adult teeth can last a lifetime with the proper care.

One of the biggest threats to a teen’s smile is the vices and temptations that will begin to spring up. This can include using drugs, smoking and chewing tobacco, and wearing mouth jewelry. Bad habits can ruin your teeth before they even get a chance to truly serve you well in your adult life. Exercise caution with all forms of peer pressure.

Another huge risk for a teenager’s smile is contact sports. Contact sports can easily result in an oral accident so injuries can chip, crack or even knock out your precious pearly whites. When playing contact sports, always be sure to use the appropriate equipment to ensure your teeth are not injured.

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