The Importance of Adding Tongue Cleaning to Your Daily Routine

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It’s hard to see all the rough surfaces and textures of the tongue with the human eye. But they are there! These contours are a great hiding spot for bacteria and plaque that can be missed during normal brushing. This is why denture wearers find it important to clean the tongue to keep their breath fresh and their mouth clean of bacteria and plaque.

After you’re done brushing your dentures, go over the tongue with the toothbrush while using a non-abrasive toothpaste in slow circular brush strokes. In addition to the top of the tongue, you should also be sure to brush the sides of the tongue and the tip. This will help ensure bacteria is cleaned away and that you have fresher breath.

Using a tongue scraper is also an option. To use a tongue scraper, hold it by the handle and go over the tongue in sweeping motions with the edge of it. Try to avoid overlapping on too many sweeps. Remember to rinse off the edge afterwards.

Finish your tongue cleaning routine by using an antiseptic mouthwash. This will give you fresh breath and make sure any bacteria that has been missed will be rinsed away, preventing any leftover bacteria from giving you bad breath or growing plaque.

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