The Consequences of Failing to Treat Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay should be prevented with brushing, flossing and regular dental visits whenever possible. However, sometimes decay still sneaks in. If you ever fall victim to tooth decay, it’s best to get it treated right away. Fillings can stop cavities at the early stages. If the decay isn’t treated early enough, it could spread. This is when other treatments become necessary.

The next step might be a dental crown. A dental crown is also known as a tooth cap. It replaces the entire enamel shell of the tooth and it is needed when the cavity is too big to be repaired with a filling. During this treatment, Dr. Martin Trockel will eliminate the decayed portion of the tooth and also remove the majority of the outer shell. Then, he will make a dental crown that is just for you. When it’s ready, he will cement it over the tooth.

Another procedure that might used is endodontic therapy, which is also known as root canal treatment. This is required when the decay reaches the pulp, nerve, and root. The treatment will involve your dentist removing the decayed areas as well as the internal structures of the tooth. Then, he will fill the hole with a special dental material (gutta percha) and protect the tooth with a dental crown.

The last treatment that might be necessary is having the tooth pulled. Dr. Trockel doesn’t typically recommend this procedure unless it is the very last option available, but sometimes it’s necessary when the decay has damaged the entire tooth. This involves Dr. Trockel giving you a sedative or numbing your mouth with an anesthetic, and removing the tooth from your mouth.

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