Growing up, it may have seemed like we were constantly told to brush and floss our teeth to avoid getting cavities. Oh, and let’s not forget the reminder to not eat too much sugar. To that, some of us may have said, “Cavity shmavity!” and continued to eat whatever we wanted while pretending to brush our teeth by simply sticking our toothbrush under the faucet. Eventually, however, our poor choices would catch up to us, and the next time the dentist would take a peek at our teeth, he or she would say those four dreadful words: You’ve got a cavity.

Cavities are born when plaque is not removed from your teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Bacteria is naturally found in your mouth. When you eat or drink something sugary and don’t clean off the sugar, the bacteria have a feast. After they are stuffed to the brim with sugar, they start to produce acid that then combines forces with the leftover food and saliva in your mouth to form plaque – yuck!

Plaque is a sticky, icky film that covers your teeth. If it’s not cleaned off, your tooth becomes under attack. The acids inside of plaque start eating away at your tooth’s first line of defense: the enamel. If given enough time, the acids can break through the barrier and get inside the tooth and create a cavity.

If you hear your dentist say that you’ve got a cavity, don’t worry. Even though your tooth has been damaged, there is a way to fix it! Dental fillings are commonly used by dentists around the world to treat teeth with small amounts of damage, like that produced by a cavity. All it takes is one short visit to Spartan Family Dentistry, and your tooth will be as good as new.

To start things off, Dr. Martin Trockel will numb the area around your cavity-filled tooth. Even though you won’t feel it, we will then remove any parts of the tooth that has been weakened or defeated by the plaque in your mouth. The hole left behind is then filled with the filling material that is either a fancy silver (amalgam) or matching tooth color (composite). Our dentist can then show off their artistic skills by shaping the filling material to mimic your tooth’s natural shape and size. Once everything looks good, the filling is hardened with a special light so that it sticks to your tooth.

When you stop by our Bixby family dentistry practice, our team works hard to make sure you do not get a cavity. But, should one come up, we’ve got you covered. Just come on by for a dental filling in Bixby, Oklahoma, and your smile will be back to normal!