Does the prospect of dragging the kids to their regular dental cleanings and exams sound…less than thrilling? And what about your husband–has he even had a cleaning since you’ve been married? Maybe it’s best not to ask.

Regardless of how long it’s been or how many mouths there are in your crew, we invite you to schedule your family’s next round of dental cleanings with Spartan Family Dentistry. Our team excels at making it an enjoyable experience for everyone, grown-ups included. Each cleaning and exam comes with:

  • Gentle (really!) removal of any built-up plaque
  • Thorough brushing (with your choice of non-nasty toothpaste) and flossing
  • Teeth polishing for that fresh-off-the-lot shine
  • Careful examination for signs of potential issues by our dentist
  • Witty banter
  • And no judgement

Depending on your needs, we might recommend a fluoride treatment to help fortify tooth enamel. We might also use X-rays to evaluate the inner workings of your teeth and jaws, as well as check for alien implants if requested.

In order to best prevent the development of tooth decay or other problems, we usually recommend having a professional cleaning and exam every six months. (We also just miss seeing our friends, to be honest.) To schedule your family’s next dental cleaning and exam in Bixby, Oklahoma, call our office today at 918-366-3777! Dr. Trockel is eager to meet you!