Gum disease is no joke. In fact, gum disease is one of the most common chronic health conditions today–far more prevalent than things like asthma and arthritis. But unlike other chronic issues, many people don’t know they have gum disease. It often progresses with little or no discomfort.

One of the things that make gum disease so serious is that, after a certain point, its effects are not reversible. Over time it can actually destroy gum and bone tissue in the mouth. In order to prevent such drastic effects, our dentist does all he can to halt the progression of gum disease as quickly as possible.

Gum disease is essentially a bacterial infection. One of the best tools to fight bacterial infection is antibiotics. Dr. Martin Trockel uses Arestin®, a highly-effective antibiotic medication, to halt the progression of gum disease and kill harmful bacteria present in the gums. Arestin is placed between the teeth and gums to actively fight infection for several months.

After treatment, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Don’t touch the treated area for at least a week
  • Don’t floss around the area for 10 days (one of the only times you’ll hear a dentist tell you not to brush😊)
  • Don’t eat hard, crunchy or sticky foods (so your mother’s caramel toffee apples are right out)
  • Keep hydrated
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco (although, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway)

Arestin is most effective in conjunction with additional gum treatments. If you would like to learn more about gum health or need to schedule a visit with our Bixby dentist, please call us today at 918-366-3777. We’re anxious to help you smile your very best!