Everyone has teeth, which means that everyone needs a dentist, especially if you want to keep your teeth. Whether you’re a parent wondering how to help your little princess or little man care for their teeth, a teenager who is getting ready for the next school dance, a pantsuit career woman, a casual-dress business man, or a senior citizen living up the retired life, you need dental care that will give you a successful, happy smile.

So, where do you go to find such dental care? We’ve got your answer: Spartan Family Dentistry! Our Bixby family dentistry practice has the dental services that everyone in your family needs to keep loving their smiles, and they’re all done right here in our cozy office.

When you think about the dentist, odds are you think about getting your teeth cleaned and polished, or repairing a cavity with a filling. These are general dental services. Well, at least some of them. General dentistry focuses on helping you avoid dental problems (like pesky cavities or infections) and repair teeth that are no longer up to par on their health or looks. General dental services range from basic and routine cleanings to more complex treatments, like root canals, and everything in between. Not only that, but these services are designed to take care of anyone’s smile, no matter their age, life situation or whether they cheer for the OSU Cowboys or the OU Sooners.

Our smiles all start somewhere, and for most people, that’s around the age of six months when the first baby tooth pops up. When you start seeing little white teeth poking their heads out of your infant’s gums, it’s time to schedule your child’s “Happy Visit” with Dr. Martin Trockel. What makes this visit so happy is that your child is finally starting their journey to getting their full smile, and our dentist is here to make sure everything goes smoothly from here on out.

Once you start visiting the dentist, you should be coming to our Bixby family dentistry practice at least once every six months. The minimal treatment you’ll get at these visits is the cleaning and polishing you always think of when you think about the dentist. Should one of our dentist find any signs of a problem, you’ll have to stick around or come back to our office for some more treatment. Just know that whatever additional treatments we recommend is out of love for you and a yearning to keep your smile looking fabulous.

If the last six months have rolled on by and it’s time for your visit to our practice, give us a call at 918-366-3777. Our magnificent team members can schedule an appointment time that fits your busy schedule and get you all ready for your general and family dentistry in Bixby, Oklahoma.