We know what you’re thinking: what is a dentist doing offering BOTOX? Well, the answer is simple. Our mission is to give you the best smile possible, and we believe that a smile goes beyond just teeth. So our team uses cosmetic fillers to improve overall facial aesthetics and give you greater confidence in your smile.

Cosmetic fillers sometimes get kind of a bad rap in movies and TV. And it’s true that, if improperly applied, fillers can make the face look stiff and unnatural. At Spartan Family Dentistry, we strive for natural results that discreetly improve the appearance. We use a variety of facial injectables, including:

These products can be used to relax muscles that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles, plump skin that has sagged due to natural collagen loss, and even aid in natural fat reduction. So if you’ve got a special event coming up or just want a more youthful, energetic appearance, talk to Dr. Martin Trockel about cosmetic fillers in Bixby, Oklahoma. Call us today at 918-366-3777, and we’ll be happy to schedule your consultation!