Outlining the Basics of Composite Dental Fillings

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Are you aware of what dental fillings are and why they are so important for your smile? Dental fillings are designed to fill in areas that are damaged by cavities to ensure your teeth can survive as intended. Not only will the decayed tooth material need to be removed, but the filling will help provide future protection against dental erosion. Composite dental fillings are highly effective procedures to consider and come with the following benefits:

– Composite dental fillings are extremely effective for very small cavities and can be placed in areas that are too small for dental amalgams to fill correctly.

– Composite dental fillings are very durable and can last up to a decade.

– In situations with traditional dental amalgams, the original will need to be removed before the replacements can be given. However, composite dental fillings can be repaired and replaced many times over without removing the original.

– Composite fillings are extremely preventative to tooth fracture and are mercury-free.

– Leaking can sometimes be a problem if a filling is not effective at sealing the margins of a tooth. Composite fillings are known for being extremely effective for sealing the margins.

– Composite dental fillings are tooth-colored in appearance and are even referred to as tooth-colored fillings. This is extremely effective if you’re looking for a filling that can naturally blend in with the color of your teeth.

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