Get Dental Veneers to Improve Your Smile Today!

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Did you have an accident where your front tooth was chipped? This is a common occurrence for many people. For people who have experienced a large, noticeable chip, dental veneers may be the best option to cover that tooth and give you a restored, full smile. Dr. Martin Trockel and our dental experts strive to provide this service so you can get back to your confident, everyday lifestyle.

These thin, pieces of porcelain placed on top of the natural tooth are made to restore your natural-looking smile. Veneers are a solid artificial tooth replacement that provide resistance against wear. It is customized to match the color and shape of your teeth. The first step to a dental veneer is seeing your dentist.

Your first meet for a consultation and decide what specifications you want and what is best for your smile and daily use. If your dental veneer is made in a laboratory, a temporary one may be placed until it’s returned to your dentist’s office. When you return, your dentist will remove a very small amount of tooth enamel. The tooth and veneer are then cleaned thoroughly and completely air-dried. An adhesive is then placed on the natural tooth and the veneer is placed on top.

To finalize the process, a special light cures the surfaces for a minute. Any excess material is removed, and then a final polish to show off the new dental veneer in all its glory! To make sure the veneer is comfortable and fits well, a checkup appointment will be made.

Dental veneers are the answer to fixing your smile. Give Spartan Family Dentistry a call today at 918-366-3777 for a consultation or appointment. Let our dental clinic in Bixby, Oklahoma, give you your brightest and best smile!