Wearing Night Guards

There are a lot of reasons why you’d want to wear a night guard. They’re used a lot more often than you’d think, too, with quite a few adults utilizing them on a nightly basis. But how do you know when, or if, you need one? That’s a question that’s not always easy to answer…. Read more »

Teeth Whitening – Your Guide

A smile says a lot about a person. In fact, a smile is one of the first things people will notice about you when they meet you for the first time. So, it makes sense that you’d want to have a smile that leaves a lasting impression, right? If you said yes, you’re thinking like… Read more »

A Loose or Lost Dental Crown Needs Timely Treatment

Metallic alloys and dental grade porcelain are common materials used in a dental crown. Once it has been prepared the dental work will be cemented directly onto the anchoring abutment to replace the tooth’s enamel layer. Sometimes poor oral hygiene habits or an accidental blow to the mouth can cause a failure in the dental… Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth With Fluoride Toothpaste Helps Prevent Cavities and Gum Disease

Preventing cavities and gum disease starts with a consistent daily oral hygiene regimen. The process begins with brushing your teeth each morning and night, as well as remembering to thoroughly floss at least once each day. To effectively clean the faces and contours of your teeth you need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a… Read more »

Basic Recovery Tips After Tooth Extraction

Severely damaged or decayed teeth can cause pain and potential infection. In some of these cases the root and underlying periodontal tissues are too compromised to restore the tooth via a root canal. In a severe case like this, a dentist like Dr. Martin Trockel or Dr. Sherry Church might advocate a total extraction. After… Read more »

Chronic Tooth Sensitivity Needs Professional Attention

Tooth sensitivity is a somewhat common problem suffered by millions of Americans each year. Many of these people will attempt to manage the discomfort by brushing their teeth with a special that has been formulated toothpaste with potassium nitrate. While this might provide some temporary relief, it could also be hiding a developing dental health… Read more »

The Best Smiles are Built with Dental Sealants

If you often suffer from tooth decay or routinely have cavities arise, it could be the fact that you are more prone to tooth enamel damage and dental erosion. It may also mean that your oral health care treatments are failing. Regardless, visit your dentist for an application of dental sealants to add an additional… Read more »

How to Protect Your Smile During Softball Season

If you’re a softball player preparing for the upcoming spring season, then you’re likely working on ways to improve your game. Well, our dentist, Dr. Martin Trockel, also encourages you to work on ways to protect your smile this season. If you’re not careful, your teeth and gums can suffer the consequences and you can… Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: the Causes of Halitosis

If you are suffering from bad breath, it could be simply from the foods you’re eating. However, if it continues to return even after using mouthwash or other temporary treatments, it may be linked to an underlying condition in the body. Thus, you should always monitor the status of any bad breath you have and… Read more »

Outlining the Basics of Composite Dental Fillings

Are you aware of what dental fillings are and why they are so important for your smile? Dental fillings are designed to fill in areas that are damaged by cavities to ensure your teeth can survive as intended. Not only will the decayed tooth material need to be removed, but the filling will help provide… Read more »