Chronic Tooth Sensitivity Needs Professional Attention

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Tooth sensitivity is a somewhat common problem suffered by millions of Americans each year. Many of these people will attempt to manage the discomfort by brushing their teeth with a special that has been formulated toothpaste with potassium nitrate. While this might provide some temporary relief, it could also be hiding a developing dental health problem.

If your tooth sensitivity persists or starts to worsen, you need to have the problem examined and treated by a dentist like Dr. Martin Trockel and Dr. Sherry Church. After performing a thorough examination they can help you understand your treatment options.

Any active cavities will require either dental fillings or dental crown restorations to address any active areas of tooth decay. If the internal structures of a tooth that been compromised we might need to perform a root canal before completing a dental crown restoration.

Some patients struggling with tooth sensitivity symptoms also suffer from tooth enamel erosion. This is often a contributing factor to problems like this. Should this prove to be the case we can administer a simple fluoride treatment. If needed, we might also include prescription fluoride supplements to maintain the integrity of your teeth between dental checkups.

If you live in the Bixby, Oklahoma, region and you have been struggling with worsening tooth sensitivity symptoms, we invite you to call 918-366-3777 to seek professional diagnosis and treatment at Spartan Family Dentistry.