Basic Recovery Tips After Tooth Extraction

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Severely damaged or decayed teeth can cause pain and potential infection. In some of these cases the root and underlying periodontal tissues are too compromised to restore the tooth via a root canal. In a severe case like this, a dentist like Dr. Martin Trockel or Dr. Sherry Church might advocate a total extraction.

After removing all traces of the tooth’s root and suturing the gums we will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication. If necessary we might also include a course of prescription antibiotics to address any lingering infection concerns.

These medications need to be taken as directed to help you remain comfortable while your gums and other affected tissues heal. You will need to also apply some basic home care methods to reduce your chances of suffering a periodontal infection or other complications.

You shouldn’t be alarmed if the sutures around the extraction occasionally bleed. This might occur for a few days after the treatment. When this happens you can control the bleeding by lightly biting down on a piece of sterile gauze. After the bleeding stops, you can clear you might by lightly rinsing with a little lukewarm saltwater.

While the gums are healing it’s best to not chew food that side of your mouth. You also need to avoid drinking through a straw as the suction can pull blood clots loose.

The heat, tar and chemicals introduced into the mouth by tobacco use could increase recovery time and could lead to a significant periodontal infection. You might want to discuss your tobacco cessation options with your primary physician.

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