A Loose or Lost Dental Crown Needs Timely Treatment

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Metallic alloys and dental grade porcelain are common materials used in a dental crown. Once it has been prepared the dental work will be cemented directly onto the anchoring abutment to replace the tooth’s enamel layer.

Sometimes poor oral hygiene habits or an accidental blow to the mouth can cause a failure in the dental adhesive that anchors a dental crown in place. When this happens the crown might feel loose or even fall out.

In a moment such as this you should not attempt to brush or floss the dental crown or a potentially exposed abutment. If you have food particles or other debris in your mouth that needs to be removed you can gently rinse it away with a little bit of lukewarm saltwater.

You should not delay in seeking professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Martin Trockel. After a basic examination he will help you understand your treatment options.

If the abutment that anchored the dental crown has been affected, you might see some of it inside the dental crown. Treating a tooth in this condition might require our dentist to perform a root canal. This endodontic therapy will effectively restore the adequate structure necessary to secure a replacement dental crown.

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